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New Event – Purely Jewellery

26 May


You can come and see Original Minnie at the Purely Jewellery event on Saturday, 13th June 2009.

As you can guess from the name, other jewellery makers/designers from Lincolnshire will there too, so if you love jewellery, why not come and say ‘hello’. 

The venue will be the Lincoln Drill Hall.  It is a morning event (10.30am – 1.30pm), so make sure you get there in time 😉

It’s not that far away now, so I had better get busy making some new pieces, to take with me!  

I hope to see you there…

For more information, have a look at my Events page, or the organisers website …


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Gillyflower Jewellery in magazine

17 May


Make Jewellery magazine Issue 2

Make Jewellery magazine Issue 2

Gillyflower is a fellow, local jewellery maker whose pretty flower-inspired necklaces have been featured in the current edition of the new Make Jewellery magazine!

I met Gillyflower at a local Arts and Crafts market (it was actually my first ever market – I was very nervous, and stayed ‘glued’ to my chair for six hours, not daring to move!)  Gillyflower was very friendly though, welcoming me into the crafty-makers ‘family’).

You can have a look at the Gillyflower Jewellery report on her Blog at: 

Original Minnie Jewellery ranges

13 May


I don’t just make Greetings Cards – I also make a range of colourful and unusual jewellery using textile bits ‘n’ bobs including ribbons, felt, beads, and buttons – reclaimed, vintage, and  new.

Original Minnie jewellery designs range from the new subtle “Beady Buttons” bracelets to the bold statement necklaces of “Buttons and Bows”.  One of my favourites is the “Buttons and Bows” ribbon brooches.

©  Original Minnie

So far, the Original Minnie Jewellery ranges include:

  • “Buttons and Bows” 2008/09
  • “Square Bows” 2009
  • “Beady Buttons” 2009

Can you see a theme developing? 😉

If you would like to see more examples of our Jewellery, please take a peek at our shop, or for more information about Original Minnie see our website on 


Original Minnie Greetings Card collection

13 May


If you’re not sure of what Original Minnie makes, have look at this small selection from the current range of Greetings Cards…  

I have some new designs rolling around in my head, and some which I’ve already starting making (including some pretty Wedding cards), so I will post them on the blog as soon as they’re finished, so you get a sneak preview…

©  Original Minnie


If you would like to see more examples of Original Minnie items, please have a look at the shop on, or if you want more information about Original Minnie have a look at

Introducing… Original Minnie

13 May


I should really start with properly introducing myself, and what I do.  My name is Helen, and I am Original Minnie.  I design and make (by hand) beautiful and quirky Jewellery and Greetings Cards.  I always prefer to use vintage / recycled / reclaimed materials as much as possible.  I love vintage, fashion, colour, and a (proper) Afternoon Tea – a cake stand, and china cups are a must! 😉 

In fact, my final degree show (Summer 2008) revolved around some of these favourite things… the Afternoon Tea inspired wallpapers and fabrics were all designed and hand printed by myself.  After hours and hours (actually months) in the printing room, and with the invaluable help of several peeps to decorate the room and bake the yummy cakes, the finished result was this!

Helen Mear Afternoon Tea Degree Show 2008

© Helen Mear Afternoon Tea Degree Show 2008

Helen Mear  Afternoon Tea  Degree Show 2008

© Helen Mear Afternoon Tea Degree Show 2008

I also printed the fireplace tiles, and hand-painted the ‘fabric’ pattern design onto one of the tea sets, but that is a story for another day and another blog… 


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12 May



This is a new experience for me (a bit of a technophobe), so bear with me as I go…

The aim of this blog is to bring you:

  • the latest photos of Original Minnie products as they come hot off the production line (as I finish making them)
  • up-to-date news on events Original Minnie will be attending
  • and any other interesting quirky / vintage / crafty / afternoon tea wonders I discover on my travels around the virtual and real world…  

So, why not make yourself a cuppa, and enjoy…






For more information about Original Minnie, or to see more of my creations, please visit  or the shop at 


©  Original Minnie