Goodies Galore- for free and for charity

7 Jul


I love the concept of Goodie Bags – the earliest birds through the door can get a bag bulging with freebies – contact details, and little samples of handmade goodies!

So, when I heard that the “Makey Do” event in Sandwich was giving out Goodie Bags, I had to package up some freebie Greetings Cards, and send them off!  I’m pleased to say that they arrived in one piece (phew), and are already bagged up with all the many other lovely Goodies they have received.  You can have a look at how busy they have been packing on their blog (opens a new window).

I hope the weather is good on Saturday (11th July 2009) for the “Makey Do“, and I hope its great in Norwich too as I am going to be at Clutter City the same day!  So if you are nearby, why not come along – we are going to have a Charity Tombola – you can have the chance of winning a lovely handmade item donated by each of us stallholders, with the profits going to a local Charity – bonus!

In fact I’d better go, and choose and wrap my donation now – ready for Saturday!

For more information about Clutter City see below OR the offical Clutter City website (opens a new window).

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2 Responses to “Goodies Galore- for free and for charity”

  1. gillyflowerjewellery July 12, 2009 at 8:14 pm #

    Did you have a great time at Clutter City hon? I blogged about it (and included your bracelet) on the UK Handmade blog:

    • Original Minnie July 12, 2009 at 10:08 pm #

      It was a cool event thanks – I was very tempted to spend my pennies on some of the lovely handmade pieces other people were displaying! It was a long day though – had to be up at 5am to get there on time! Off for a rest now…

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