Next Event – Stamford Arts and Craft Market

15 Jul


I’ve just confirmed the next event for Original Minnie will be on Sunday 26th July 2009.  I went there last year in September as a customer and there were several stalls, with a wide variety of products.

Stamford Arts and Craft Poster July 2009

The Stamford Arts and Craft Market Poster July 2009

Stamford is a beautiful town, with so many old buildings – its streets have often been used as a filming location for period dramas, including the BBC production of Middlemarch in 1990’s, and the more recent Pride and Prejudice film from 2005, starring Keira Knightly.

I actually saw some of the filming of Pride and Prejudice when they were outside the Arts Centre, and it was that which re-sparked a fire inside me to attend an art/design course, after leaving it behind at GCSE several years before… and now look where its got me 😉

I’m sure I took some piccies at the time – I will have to see whether I can dig them out of their hiding place… watch this space.

For more information about the event have a look on my Events page.


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