A4 Draw

31 Mar


Wow, lucky me!  Literally through the luck of the draw, I managed to win the piece created by Will Holder!  I meant to post about this earlier, but better late than never …

Logo © A4 draw

Logo © A4 draw

It was a great concept – a competition draw to win one of 25 A4 sized drawings by various artists and students, including the well known Gemma Correll, Kate Forrester, and of course Will Holder.  Two of my faves included the cute birds by artist Amy Blackwell, and the meerkat by Ben Stanbury (one of the students that arranged the event). You can see all the items that were up for grabs on their A4 Draw blog.

The final year BA (Hons) Graphic Design students from South Essex College created this as a fund raising activity for putting on their degree shows.  (I think it was a genius idea – wish I’d thought of something like that for my show).

The tickets were only £4 available from their A4 Draw Folksy Shop (N.B. the competition has now closed).

However, if you want to keep up to date with their show progress take a look at their new One & A Dozen blog.

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