Leicester return visit

9 Apr


I said in an earlier blog that I would go back to Leicester some time – and I did!  I only had a couple of hours, so had a very quick glance round some shops.  I would still like to go back some time and explore some of the side streets and independent shops.. but thats for another day.

John Lewis window at Leicester

John Lewis window at Leicester

From sparkly new…

I’m not normally a fan of new building aesthetics or architecture, but the pattern on the John Lewis building at Highcross really does make a boring flat wall of glass … pretty!

Leicester Clock Tower

Leicester Clock Tower

to older…

If I got lost, I just needed to ask where the clock tower was, as it sits in the centre junction of the main shopping streets.

Market Harborough

Market Harborough

to even older…

Ok, so it’s not in Leicester (its in nearby Market Harborough) but I had to post this – how quaint ‘n’ olde English is this?! (Dated 1614!)  A pretty market town, I found an amazing bakers with a Tea Shop attached, perfect for afternoon tea – homemade coffee meringue anyone?


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