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I love illustration

21 Jul


Talking of illustration, I stumbled across this blog a while ago, and for anyone who is interested in an eclectic mix of music, fashion, art, and the environment, it is a must – posts are accentuated by illustrations from a range of artists and illustrators.  Take a look at Amelia’s Magazine.

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Viva Illustration

16 Jul


Continuing with the Spanish theme, I just had to post these pics from the amazing hotel I stayed in Madrid.  This was the cafe/bar where you had breakfast, and I just love the illustrations on the wall, retro themed decor, and cake stands.  I would love to know who the wall drawing is by – do you know …?

Madrid hotel breakfast © Original Minnie

Madrid hotel breakfast – yum © Photo Original Minnie

Madrid hotel cafe © Original Minnie

Madrid hotel cafe © Photo Original Minnie

Madrid hotel cafe wall © Original Minnie

Madrid hotel cafe wall art © Photo Original Minnie

Viva Espana

12 Jul


Well, it seems like its Spain’s time at the moment, what with Rafael Nadal winning Wimbledon last week, and now their footie team becoming World and European champions!

I know I’ve neglected the blog recently as I am busy with a stationery commission, so I thought what better chance to catch up, than to post some of my recent trip photos, and what better place to start than the capital, Madrid?…

Original Minnie Madrid Palacio Real

Madrid Palacio Real © Photo Original Minnie

The Royal Palace in Madrid – what an impressive building.  This was one of my first stops when I arrived in the city, and the heat from the sun, sitting in the massive courtyard area was intense.

Original Minnie Madrid Palacio Real Peacocks

Madrid Palacio Real Peacocks © Photo Original Minnie

These peacocks were relaxing in the shade, keeping guard over the palace.

Original Minnie Madrid Gran Via

Madrid Gran Via © Photo Original Minnie

The Gran Via is one long street of beautiful buildings, highly maintained with ‘posh’ designer shops and hotels.  At one end of the street you are welcomed by this building.

Original Minnie Madrid El Botin

Madrid El Botin © Photo Original Minnie

Depending on which guide book you read, this is the oldest restaurant in Madrid, Spain, Europe, or the World?! Either way it is old, being established 1725!

Original Minnie Madrid Puerta de Alcalá

Madrid Puerta de Alcalá © Photo Original Minnie

Welcoming you into the city centre in the middle of a traffic junction – every capital city has to have one – London has Marble Arch, Paris has the Arc de Triomphe, and Madrid has this one – the Puerta de Alcalá.

Original Minnie Madrid Retiro Park Gardens

Madrid Retiro Park Gardens © Photo Original Minnie

Next to the Puerta de Alcalá, you can enter through the gates of Madrids Retiro Park. I visited on a Sunday, and the main walkway was alive with street performers, musicians, puppet shows, cartoonists, etc. This was another area within the Retiro Park, which was much quieter, and more manicured.

Original Minnie Madrid Retiro Park Lake

Madrid Retiro Park Lake © Photo Original Minnie

It’s obviously a massive park, with its own boating lake and several imposing statues, fountains, and this building which I never found out what it was…?

I still have more pics to post from Madrid and Seville, so until next time … ¡Viva España!