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I’ve been sewing and stamping

10 Mar


Getting ready for the double event weekend thats just gone, I was manically sewing new ‘felt bib’ necklaces – using reclaimed felt for their backings, and vintage/reclaimed buttons to embelish, finished with co-ordinating new ribbon. They are a new experiment for me – what do you think?

Grey felt bib necklace © Original Minnie

Grey felt bib necklace © Original Minnie

Pink felt bib necklace © Original Minnie

Pink felt bib necklace © Original Minnie

I also want to expand my stationery range, so have sourced some simple, cute little notepads (made from recycled paper/card of course) which I’ve then embellished with tags (also recycled), and then hand stamped little messages onto them.  Simple but effective.

I’m also developing a ‘basic’ range of cards which are simpler to make and don’t have inserts (unlike my other cards), so will be that bit more affordable – I will update my Folksy shop, so keep checking to see the new designs…

Original Minnie 'HOPE' Notepad

'HOPE' Notepad © Original Minnie


Happy New Year!

4 Jan

Here’s to 2010…

Happy New Year 2010

Just a quick type to wish you all a very happy New Year for 2010!

It will be interesting to see what will happen, what creations are made, and where 2010 takes Original Minnie…  I am in the process of researching fairs and dates at the moment, so am looking forward to a new year of events and new year of designs!  Keep checking here for updates of new events as they are confirmed…


©  Selection from the Original Minnie 2009 Christmas card range, created this winter using the new ‘swing tag’ design.

I also wanted to say a (belated) Merry Christmas, and hopes of happy festivities all round.

And finally, a big Thanks for everyone’s support from 2009, and here’s to the future!

Goodies Galore- for free and for charity

7 Jul


I love the concept of Goodie Bags – the earliest birds through the door can get a bag bulging with freebies – contact details, and little samples of handmade goodies!

So, when I heard that the “Makey Do” event in Sandwich was giving out Goodie Bags, I had to package up some freebie Greetings Cards, and send them off!  I’m pleased to say that they arrived in one piece (phew), and are already bagged up with all the many other lovely Goodies they have received.  You can have a look at how busy they have been packing on their blog (opens a new window).

I hope the weather is good on Saturday (11th July 2009) for the “Makey Do“, and I hope its great in Norwich too as I am going to be at Clutter City the same day!  So if you are nearby, why not come along – we are going to have a Charity Tombola – you can have the chance of winning a lovely handmade item donated by each of us stallholders, with the profits going to a local Charity – bonus!

In fact I’d better go, and choose and wrap my donation now – ready for Saturday!

For more information about Clutter City see below OR the offical Clutter City website (opens a new window).

(Original Minnie is not responsible for the content of other websites).

Original Minnie Greetings Card collection

13 May


If you’re not sure of what Original Minnie makes, have look at this small selection from the current range of Greetings Cards…  

I have some new designs rolling around in my head, and some which I’ve already starting making (including some pretty Wedding cards), so I will post them on the blog as soon as they’re finished, so you get a sneak preview…

©  Original Minnie


If you would like to see more examples of Original Minnie items, please have a look at the shop on www.originalminnie.folksy.com, or if you want more information about Original Minnie have a look at www.originalminnie.com

Introducing… Original Minnie

13 May


I should really start with properly introducing myself, and what I do.  My name is Helen, and I am Original Minnie.  I design and make (by hand) beautiful and quirky Jewellery and Greetings Cards.  I always prefer to use vintage / recycled / reclaimed materials as much as possible.  I love vintage, fashion, colour, and a (proper) Afternoon Tea – a cake stand, and china cups are a must! 😉 

In fact, my final degree show (Summer 2008) revolved around some of these favourite things… the Afternoon Tea inspired wallpapers and fabrics were all designed and hand printed by myself.  After hours and hours (actually months) in the printing room, and with the invaluable help of several peeps to decorate the room and bake the yummy cakes, the finished result was this!

Helen Mear Afternoon Tea Degree Show 2008

© Helen Mear Afternoon Tea Degree Show 2008

Helen Mear  Afternoon Tea  Degree Show 2008

© Helen Mear Afternoon Tea Degree Show 2008

I also printed the fireplace tiles, and hand-painted the ‘fabric’ pattern design onto one of the tea sets, but that is a story for another day and another blog… 


For more information about Original Minnie, or to see more of my creations, please visit www.originalminnie.com  or the shop at www.originalminnie.folksy.com