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14 days to Christmas

11 Dec

I have been busy making some specially commissioned necklaces recently, but I still have various syles left in the SHOP here.


Take a look and let me know if there are any designs you would like making again in different colours or lengths.

I’ve been Folksy Friday featured!

21 Jun


Original Minnie Ahoy There range Seaside Necklace

© Original Minnie Ahoy There range Seaside Necklace

How exciting – I’ve been featured for the first time on a Folksy Friday!

For those of you who don’t know, Folksy Friday’s are blogs that Folksy peeps post on Fridays (hence the name!), showcasing handcrafted items found on Folksy, with a theme of their choice.

I’ve been featured on the Folksy blog FF, with summer themed items chosen by this weeks special guest – Stars and Scars.  Thanks for including my “Oh I do like to be beside…” necklace in your Summer Lovin’ collection!

Many Folksy shop owners post Folksy Fridays every week – have a look on the Folksy Forums each week to find more…

Folksy Shop Updated

21 Apr


Just a quick post to let you know that I’ve updated my Folksy shop, adding new items including my geometric Felt Bib Necklaces for 2010.  I made a small collection of them, each different colours, using new and reclaimed felt, hand painted textiles, and reclaimed/vintage buttons.

They are one-offs, each unique – perfect if you want a statement necklace.

So keep checking as I upload new colour ranges, or get in contact and I can give you more details of the colours available.

I’ve been sewing and stamping

10 Mar


Getting ready for the double event weekend thats just gone, I was manically sewing new ‘felt bib’ necklaces – using reclaimed felt for their backings, and vintage/reclaimed buttons to embelish, finished with co-ordinating new ribbon. They are a new experiment for me – what do you think?

Grey felt bib necklace © Original Minnie

Grey felt bib necklace © Original Minnie

Pink felt bib necklace © Original Minnie

Pink felt bib necklace © Original Minnie

I also want to expand my stationery range, so have sourced some simple, cute little notepads (made from recycled paper/card of course) which I’ve then embellished with tags (also recycled), and then hand stamped little messages onto them.  Simple but effective.

I’m also developing a ‘basic’ range of cards which are simpler to make and don’t have inserts (unlike my other cards), so will be that bit more affordable – I will update my Folksy shop, so keep checking to see the new designs…

Original Minnie 'HOPE' Notepad

'HOPE' Notepad © Original Minnie

Ahoy There!

21 Jul


After hours of fighting with the camera and computer, I’ve finally finished updating the Original Minnie Folksy shop with some of the new designs I’ve been creating over the past few weeks!  The photos are still not great unfortunately, but heres hoping I will sort the technology out in the future…

Firstly, I’ve added a couple of Wedding Cards – it was fun to do some new card designs, and to spend some extra time on each one.  I even got the sewing machine out (inspired by the lessons I’ve been attending), and have incorporated some stitching into the card.   Note to self – metallic thread is more difficult to work with!

Card Wedding Lilac

Wedding Card Lilac © Original Minnie

Secondly, and for something quite different – here is a selection of some of the new ‘Ahoy There’ jewellery range – a fun take on this summers trend for all things nautical…

Ahoy There Seaside Necklace Green

Ahoy There Seaside Necklace green © Original Minnie

Ahoy There Necklace blue & yellow

Ahoy There Necklace blue & yellow © Original Minnie

Ahoy There Brooch anchor button

Ahoy There Brooch anchor button © Original Minnie

Ahoy There Bracelet blue fish

Ahoy There Bracelet blue fish © Original Minnie

And finally, here are a few piccies from the ‘Tribal Ribbons‘ and ‘Tribal Knots‘ ranges – made with this summers other trend in mind – for ‘tribal’ style accessories.

Tribal Knots Necklace pink

Tribal Knots Necklace pink © Original Minnie

Tribal Ribbons Necklace brown ribbon

Tribal Ribbons Necklace brown ribbon © Original Minnie

Its quite a ‘loose’ subject description, and in a change with tradition (as with the ‘Ahoy There‘ range), the pieces I’ve made have mostly NOT used buttons…!  I have however kept with Original Minnie tradition by using a combination of new materials, with reclaimed pieces – by dismantling and reusing beads/stones/pendants from other jewellery, accessories, and clothing to create new, more interesting pieces.  It is more eco – friendly after all!

For more Original Minnie jewellery and cards, have a look at the Original Minnie Folksy Shop (opens a new window), or if you have any questions, please get in touch.

Original Minnie Jewellery ranges

13 May


I don’t just make Greetings Cards – I also make a range of colourful and unusual jewellery using textile bits ‘n’ bobs including ribbons, felt, beads, and buttons – reclaimed, vintage, and  new.

Original Minnie jewellery designs range from the new subtle “Beady Buttons” bracelets to the bold statement necklaces of “Buttons and Bows”.  One of my favourites is the “Buttons and Bows” ribbon brooches.

©  Original Minnie

So far, the Original Minnie Jewellery ranges include:

  • “Buttons and Bows” 2008/09
  • “Square Bows” 2009
  • “Beady Buttons” 2009

Can you see a theme developing? 😉

If you would like to see more examples of our Jewellery, please take a peek at our shop 
www.originalminnie.folksy.com, or for more information about Original Minnie see our website on www.originalminnie.com