As Original Minnie, I design and create Special Occasion Stationery, Greetings Cards, Jewellery, and Accessories.

When creating my jewellery I use a combination of new, vintage, and reclaimed materials/ buttons/ ribbons/ beads.

All metal jewellery findings (including earring hooks and necklace clasps) are new, unused sterling silver.

Here are a few samples of jewellery designs I have hand made, but if you see something you would like in a different colour or size, just ask…

© Original Minnie


All Original Minnie products are designed and handmade in England.

I prefer to use recycled / reclaimed / vintage materials wherever possible, including using vintage buttons, fabrics, and recycled card and paper products.

Because I prefer to use vintage / reclaimed materials, their supply is usually limited, which in turn limits the number of items I can produce.  Many Original Minnie products are therefore unique one-offs, and even within a ‘collection’ of similar items, no two will be identical, as every piece is handmade.

So, if you like something a bit different from the ‘norm’ and from the next person, please have a look around …..


© Original Minnie

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