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Ahoy There!

21 Jul


After hours of fighting with the camera and computer, I’ve finally finished updating the Original Minnie Folksy shop with some of the new designs I’ve been creating over the past few weeks!  The photos are still not great unfortunately, but heres hoping I will sort the technology out in the future…

Firstly, I’ve added a couple of Wedding Cards – it was fun to do some new card designs, and to spend some extra time on each one.  I even got the sewing machine out (inspired by the lessons I’ve been attending), and have incorporated some stitching into the card.   Note to self – metallic thread is more difficult to work with!

Card Wedding Lilac

Wedding Card Lilac © Original Minnie

Secondly, and for something quite different – here is a selection of some of the new ‘Ahoy There’ jewellery range – a fun take on this summers trend for all things nautical…

Ahoy There Seaside Necklace Green

Ahoy There Seaside Necklace green © Original Minnie

Ahoy There Necklace blue & yellow

Ahoy There Necklace blue & yellow © Original Minnie

Ahoy There Brooch anchor button

Ahoy There Brooch anchor button © Original Minnie

Ahoy There Bracelet blue fish

Ahoy There Bracelet blue fish © Original Minnie

And finally, here are a few piccies from the ‘Tribal Ribbons‘ and ‘Tribal Knots‘ ranges – made with this summers other trend in mind – for ‘tribal’ style accessories.

Tribal Knots Necklace pink

Tribal Knots Necklace pink © Original Minnie

Tribal Ribbons Necklace brown ribbon

Tribal Ribbons Necklace brown ribbon © Original Minnie

Its quite a ‘loose’ subject description, and in a change with tradition (as with the ‘Ahoy There‘ range), the pieces I’ve made have mostly NOT used buttons…!  I have however kept with Original Minnie tradition by using a combination of new materials, with reclaimed pieces – by dismantling and reusing beads/stones/pendants from other jewellery, accessories, and clothing to create new, more interesting pieces.  It is more eco – friendly after all!

For more Original Minnie jewellery and cards, have a look at the Original Minnie Folksy Shop (opens a new window), or if you have any questions, please get in touch.

Next Event – Stamford Arts and Craft Market

15 Jul


I’ve just confirmed the next event for Original Minnie will be on Sunday 26th July 2009.  I went there last year in September as a customer and there were several stalls, with a wide variety of products.

Stamford Arts and Craft Poster July 2009

The Stamford Arts and Craft Market Poster July 2009

Stamford is a beautiful town, with so many old buildings – its streets have often been used as a filming location for period dramas, including the BBC production of Middlemarch in 1990’s, and the more recent Pride and Prejudice film from 2005, starring Keira Knightly.

I actually saw some of the filming of Pride and Prejudice when they were outside the Arts Centre, and it was that which re-sparked a fire inside me to attend an art/design course, after leaving it behind at GCSE several years before… and now look where its got me 😉

I’m sure I took some piccies at the time – I will have to see whether I can dig them out of their hiding place… watch this space.

For more information about the event have a look on my Events page.

Goodies Galore- for free and for charity

7 Jul


I love the concept of Goodie Bags – the earliest birds through the door can get a bag bulging with freebies – contact details, and little samples of handmade goodies!

So, when I heard that the “Makey Do” event in Sandwich was giving out Goodie Bags, I had to package up some freebie Greetings Cards, and send them off!  I’m pleased to say that they arrived in one piece (phew), and are already bagged up with all the many other lovely Goodies they have received.  You can have a look at how busy they have been packing on their blog (opens a new window).

I hope the weather is good on Saturday (11th July 2009) for the “Makey Do“, and I hope its great in Norwich too as I am going to be at Clutter City the same day!  So if you are nearby, why not come along – we are going to have a Charity Tombola – you can have the chance of winning a lovely handmade item donated by each of us stallholders, with the profits going to a local Charity – bonus!

In fact I’d better go, and choose and wrap my donation now – ready for Saturday!

For more information about Clutter City see below OR the offical Clutter City website (opens a new window).

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Next Event – Clutter City

3 Jul


After the weather being so sunny last weekend for the outdoors Lincoln Artists Market, I have high hopes that it will be equally sunny next weekend for Clutter City (Saturday 11th July) in Norwich…  fingers crossed.

Clutter City Poster 11 July 2009

Clutter City Poster © Clutter City

I’ve never been before, but its looks like a great event … held in Norwich Arts Centre – it looks like a beautiful old building – there will be live music, a B-B-Q in the garden, and stalls inside and out.  So with good or bad weather, it should still be worth a visit!

For more information, have a look at their offical website:

(Original Minnie is not responsible for the content of other websites).